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As someone who worked in a corporate owned store for years, we had plenty of lead tracking but nothing remotely available to combine and analyze the data. We break down our sales force in a variety of ways and the BAM LeadTracker enables us to track them and our leads the way our dealership is set up. No need to back-engineer a system and try to make it work. It’s done. Our new owners are pleased and so am I! Those guys at BAM are the Bomb!

- Brent C. – Houston, TX

As a multi-generation family business, we are embracing the Lead Tracker and plan to integrate it into our service appointments as well. We will schedule all sales and service appointments via the Lead Tracker. The tool is helping us transition from a paper-based lead and service setting system into a web-based system that allows me to stay in touch with daily operations even when I’m making sales calls myself. BAM not only helps us with local and regional co-op activities but they now are able to show the results that we produce together. Awesome.

- Jim B. – Rockland, NY

We needed a more dynamic lead tracking system for our operations. By working with BAM, we were able to work from the bottom up to address every need in managing our most important asset… leads. The BAM Lead Tracker enables me to monitor all activity from lead origination (where it came from) to who scheduled it, which salesperson ran it, and the resulting revenue generated. It’s more than a lead tracker. It’s a sales management system that not only keeps all of us organized but it archives every touch we make with every new business opportunity whether the lead comes via the web, phone, text, creative or walk-in!

- Jeff C. – Wichita, KS

As recent adopters of the BAM Lead Tracker, everyone in our organization was amazed at the intuitive nature of the tool. The training and support has been flawless which makes my job easier. As former Eco Water dealers, nothing remotely approaching its capabilities was available to us in the past. With dealerships in three states, lead tracking and management is vital in streamlining operations. As a web-based application, I can access any and all data from today’s leads as well as generating reports from any location. Thanks BAM!

- Steve W. – Salisbury, MD

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Standardize your sales and marketing process to save time and collect data. The BAM Leadtracker™ contains many features of enterprise lead management software.

  • Automated reports completely customizable
  • CRM for email marketing
  • FREE training for all employees
  • Easy-to-use interface on desktop & mobile

Get Your Leads — Pretty BAM Fast!

Our form-to-call program allows you to contact leads coming from web forms in seconds.

  • Increase your lead-to-appointment ratios by up to 5x*
  • Increase your transaction percentage by up to 31%*
  • The only form-to-call applications that integrates with any website and the BAM LeadTracker
  • Full-time support from BAM customer success team

Streamline Your Paper Trail with the BLT and Docusign®

  • Get three months FREE with Docusign + Lead Tracker integration.
  • Save time printing and sifting through tedious contracts.
  • Simple setup and training get started in two weeks or less.